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Philippians: Jesus Our Joy – Philippians 1:12-18 –by Pastor Rudy Dolloso Jr. – Sunday, 01/24/2010

God can use unusual circumstances to promote the supernatural progress of the gospel. It was the progress of the gospel for which Paul lived so passionately. Everything else in Paul’s life had importance only to the degree that it affected the progress of the gospel.

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Jan 152010

Philippians: Jesus Our Joy – Philippians 1:3-8 –by Pastor Rudy Dolloso Jr. – Sunday, 01/10/2010

True JOY is found only in relationship with JESUS CHRIST. Joy is the delight of the heart that comes from knowing Christ as Lord, the feeling of relief because we are released from SIN; it is the inner peace and stillness we have because we know the final outcome of our lives; and it is the ASSURANCE that God is in us and in every circumstance.

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Philippians: Jesus Our Joy – Phil. 1:1-2 by Pastor Rudy Dolloso Jr. – Sunday, 01/03/2010

Paul reminds the Philippian church how to live…and live with JOY!

True joy runs deep and strong, flowing from confident assurance in God’s loving control. Regardless of your life’s situation, you can find joy, true joy, in Christ.

Those who study its teaching and apply its principles will, like its human author, learn the secret of having joy, peace, and contentment in every circumstance (4:11–13). As you read Paul’s letter from prison to his beloved friends in Philippi, note all that you possess in Christ, and find your joy in him.